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5 Windows of Shutters installed for Under $2000

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Terms and Conditions

● Pricing for this promotion is calculated on Hinged P.V.C. shutters only, however the same discount structure can be applied to either Basswood or Aluminium products

● P.V.C. Shutters carry a 5 year manufacturer’s warrantee

● The discounted sale price for this promotion is calculated @ $317 per square metre, fully installed. Delivery is not included

Zone 1 Delivery: $60
Zone 2 Delivery: $120
Zone 3 Delivery: $180

● The standard window size for the purposes of this promotion is:
WIDTH: 600mm x DROP: 2100mm. That is, 1.26 square metres @$317 per square metre= $399.42 per window. Therefore the total price for 5 standard windows installed is $1997.10, plus the relevant delivery charge

● All window sizes will be calculated at the above discounted price per square metre

● For the purposes of this promotion. The minimum number of windows is 3 or 3.2 square metres, whichever is the greater. The maximum number of windows is 25