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Your 5 Step Guild To
Decorating With New Curtains

“An absolute massive thank you to McElwaines for our curtains. Really makes our place feel like a home. It was a great touch when the owner of the company came around to say thank you for our business and ask if we were satisfied. It’s small gestures like this which make it even more satisfying. Thank you!”

Michael Huggins

Step 2. Select A Heading For Your Curtains


Choices of Styles Available

Triple Pinch Pleat

Pleats are pinched in-groups of two or three with spacing approximately 10cm apart. Its popularity is due to being suitable for all fabric types. When the curtains are drawn the pleats stack back neatly, creating tailored folds.

Knife Pleat

As an alternative to a gathered heading a Knife pleat offers a more uniform and tailored look. The pleat is permanently sewn flat ,therefore never needs to be adjusted or re-gathered after laundering. Knife pleating is most commonly used for sheer curtains or curtains under a pelmet.


A Globlet heading is a more formal style, where the goblets are filled with wadding. If you are furnishing a traditional or stately old home and have sumptuous fabric a Globlet heading could be a good option.

Double Pinch Pleat

Pleats are pinched in-groups of two or three with spacing approximately 10cm apart. Its popularity is due to being suitable for all fabric types. When the curtains are drawn the pleats stack back neatly, creating tailored folds.

Inverted Pleat

The Inverted Pleat is otherwise known as a reverse pleat or box pleat and offers a contemporary look. This curtain style does not stack back as comprehensively as other styles.

Pencil Pleat

A pencil pleat or gather tape curtain. This is the simplest and most cost effective form of curtain making. The tape can be applied to gather the fabric into pencil style pleats. Tape widths available are: 30mm,50mm and 75mm. Generally the wider the tape ,the more stable the heading. SPECIAL: When purchasing from a special range of fabrics McElwaine’s will manufacture pencil pleat curtains for FREE


Wavefold is growing in popularity and is probably the most contemporary curtain style being used at present. A specific wavefold track and press stud heading tape shapes the fabric into neat and simple folds.

Step 3. Select The Hardware To Hang Your Curtains


Broadly Speaking, This Will Be Either A Rod OR Track. This Is Where The Choices Start

Wooden Poles

Curtain Tracks

Eyelet Poles

Corded Poles

Step 4. Select A Pelmet


As an alternative to a decorative rod, custom made pelmets create improved energy efficiency and visual appeal

Up to 40% of home heating and cooling energy loss occurs via your windows.

The most effective window furnishing option is drapes with pelmets as this contributes to a 220% improvement in energy loss.

Pelmets provide a band of colour under your cornice, which visually raises the ceiling height, hence makes the room look bigger. From a decorating point of view, it adds another element to coordinate accessories, such as cushions and artwork.

In addition, pelmets provide improved insulation for the room, particularly rooms with large expanses of glass. Creating a convection pattern to the air flow, trapping the cold air at the glass (not into the room) similarly trapping heat in summer.

Step 5. Select Your Accessories


Tie Backs

Tie Backs

Bedspreads OR Doonas

Bedspread or Doonas





Bed Heads

Bed Heads
McElwaine’s will customise all of these accessories to co-ordinate with your window furnishings making your home the complete package

More Ideas For You To Insulate & Decorate With Curtains

Simple Elegance
Simple Elegance

With decorative sheers as the feature curtain along with Co-ordinating block-out linings for insulation and privacy. Pelmets complete the decoration, providing improved energy efficiency and spaciousness.

The Classic 3 Layered Approach.
The Classic 3 Layered Approach.

A combination of block-out linings, providing insulation and privacy. Essential sheers for day-time privacy and visual comfort. Decorative side drops adding symmetry and colour. Pelmets are the bow tie to complete the job.

Wave Fold Curtains
Wave Fold Curtains

A simple yet functional approach to window furnishing. This contemporary finish is suited to a wide range of drapery fabrics . Wave fold is also compatible with many hardware options. The standard tack option, top fixed to the ceiling. This is ideally suited to rooms with square set corners.


Decorative sheers on a Classic 38mm Decorative Chrome rod with flat end caps for simplicity. This option has many fabric and rod options available

String Curtains & String curtains
String Curtains & String curtains

Create ambiance and theatre to your :entertainment area, bar, beauty salon or night club. McElwaine’s have string curtains available in over 80 colours and finishes to create an exotic look with a touch of bling.

Formal Opulance

McElwaine’s call this “Adding the bow-tie” It’s the finishing touches to standard curtains . The decorative finishes that co-ordinate colour, function and space when furnishing a room .These finishes include:


Swags And Tails